Kubota recently announced the introduction of its new E-Kubota value range of agricultural tractors in South Africa. The range will be sold exclusively through Kubota’s dealer network countrywide.

Developed and manufactured by Escorts Ltd and sold through Kubota’s sales network, the new range offers high-end technology tractors at reasonable cost. 

EK 6045 PRO 2WD/4WD

The general purpose E-Kubota range includes five models, all of which have a 60ℓ fuel tank and a lift capacity of 1 500kg.

EK 6075 PRO 2WD/4WD

The EK 6045 2WD delivers up to 44,5hp, while the EK 6060 2WD and EK 6060 4WD produce up to 60hp. The EK 6075 2WD and EK 6075 4WD delivers up to 74,5hp.

EK 6090 PRO 2WD/4WD

The four-cylinder turbocharged, intercooler direct injection engine, standard across most of the range, offers greater output and better fuel economy.

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